Monday, April 2, 2012

Carter is 2!

I have not posted in so long, but I had to post a birthday update for my own records! Carter is 2 today! It doesn't seem possible. He tried to wake up at 4 a.m. this morning, which is when he was actually born. I think he just new his festivities were awaiting. Carter is a character. He loves to make people laugh, and is silly most of the time. He likes to talk in a really low raspy voice when he is playing with you. He is great at sharing if you ask him nicely. He will give you the shirt off his back if you just ask politely. He loves money and his wallet. He is fairly good at knowing the difference between different types of coins. He can count to 8. He can almost say his ABC's perfectly. He tends to leave out J and K. He knows all his colors and shapes. He still loves Elmo, and has a particular fascination with the Letter Factory movie right now. He likes to listen to his Susie Tallman music, and Teylor Swift. Sadly, he can recognize Teylor Swift songs on the radio. This is a product of his father. He talks really well, and we rarely don't know what he is saying anymore. He is generally a good sleeper, but wakes up really early. I guess I am being paid back for that one! He loves the 4 wheeler and going outside. He would stay outside all day if I let him. He loves to act like a lion, but hates for others to act like a lion to him. He can handle a fall or a hit fairly well. He is not easily hurt. He seems to be our potential sports player. He is a very sweet boy that wants to give his mommy hugs and kisses everyday. I cannot imagine our life without our sweet Carter!

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